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Danny Ainge on Jeff Green - in a better position to succeed now

Danny Ainge doesn't think that Green is just being more aggressive. He's thriving in a better situation for himself than he was thrust into 2 years ago.

For this year’s Celtics, Green means go -

He showed an occasional sign of things to come during the last few months of the 2010-11 season, but this is clearly a better Jeff Green. “I think that’s a function of his team and his role,” Ainge said. “You know, when Jeff was playing with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant (with the Thunder), I mean, they’re obviously the focal point. Then when he came to Boston, he was a guy that was trying to fit into a team that had four All-Stars on it. “So I don’t see what’s happening now as just a function of, ‘Oh, I’m going to be more aggressive.’ I mean, when you’re in a certain role, it’s tough to just take that initiative on yourself. That has to be a function of the team and your role within that team, how your coach sees that role. So I just don’t think that it’s that simple.”