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NBA Blog Previews: Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets were very busy this summer doing, ...something. I'm still not sure what, because it seems like they aren't done yet.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

The Houston Rockets were very busy this summer doing, ...something. I'm still not sure what, because it seems like they aren't done yet.

Rockets preview: Portrait of a team as a clusterflock of talent and miserabilia -

The plan for this team is both clear and confusing. In the world of a transaction-based NBA, it makes perfect sense. Morey wants a superstar, so he is stockpiling assets to help him land one. But in the basketball-based NBA, this roster is an LSD-fueled dreamscape. If it works out, it'll be pure luck, it seems.

True to this form, the Dream Shake blogger decided to turn to Fresh Prince for some inspiration.

2012 NBA Blog Previews: The Dream Shake Previews The Houston Rockets - The Dream Shake

In north Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground was where Kyle Lowry spent most of his days. (Before the Rockets traded him to Toronto for a guaranteed lottery pick). Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool, Luis Scola was shootin' bball outside of the school. (Until he was amnestied for cap reasons during Houston's pursuit of Dwight Howard). And then a couple of draft picks that were up to no good, started making trouble in the neighborhood. (This also resulted in Sam Dalembert's departure as Houston moved up a few spots to select UConn's Jeremy Lamb, plus two more potentially impact rookies).

Of course it wouldn't be a Rockets preview without bringing up Linsanity.

Houston Rockets offseason review: Linsanity relocates -

Of course, nobody really knows how good Lin is. For a 10-game stretch when he first began, he was one of the the best players in the league, but even the Rockets know that was a bit of a fluke. Nevertheless, he's also probably better than he showed at certain stretches of the season, and there's no reason to believe he can't grow as a player. Whether that happens depends on how well Lin adjusts as the rest of the league adjusts to him. Last year, he surprised everyone with his ability to get to his strong hand, his difficult finishes and the speed in which he attacked pick and rolls, but he can't rely on that anymore. He needs to develop counters to his opponent's counters, and he must do so with a completely new set of teammates and a very different off-court role.

Good luck with all that Houston.

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