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Celtics on Delonte West's indefinite suspension

The Dallas Mavericks have suspended Delonte West indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team. Former teammates and his former coach sound off on one of the Garden's fan favorites.

Stephen Dunn

To me, Delonte will always be a Celtic. Two years ago, when NBA Entertainment featured the team in their The Association series, this clip struck a chord. When Rivers replies to something that Delonte says while he was with the Cavaliers with "you are playing for the wrong team," you really get a sense that he loved playing for Doc and that Doc truly cared about West.

Several former teammates and his former coach reacted to the news that GM Don Nelson indefinitely suspended Delonte for conduct detrimental to the team:

Rivers expresses concern over latest Delonte West suspension

"I love Delonte," Rivers told "I'm always worried about him."

Added Jason Terry, who played with West in Dallas last season. "I just remember he was the guy you wanted on your team. He's a competitor. He was a hell of a teammate and I loved playing with him."

West has had a slew of problems at just about every stop along his NBA journey, although the drama was relatively low during two separate stints with Boston.

"Everybody here loved Delonte," said Paul Pierce. "I loved his competitiveness. Obviously, everybody has their own issues, some more documented than others. But I love what he brings to the table. He can be a character at times; he's very free spirited. But a lot of people love to be around him."

Check out Delonte's Twitter feed from today:

I'm not sure what he did to get suspended, but DW will always be in the Celtic brotherhood to me and I'm sure we're all rooting for him to make it back in Dallas and the NBA.

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