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Jason Terry: "we're the best pick-setting team in the league"

During this training camp, the Celtics have put an emphasis on pick-setting, a part of the game that is usually overlooked and vastly underappreciated.


There's some really good insight in Marc D'Amico's article on about an unsung part of the game that really hasn't been talked about this training camp: pick setting.

"This is maybe the best pick-setting team," Doc Rivers said while comparing this team to the other eight he has coached in Boston. "Darko (Milicic) loves to pick. Kevin (Garnett) is the best picker in the league. Jared (Sullinger) is a good picker."

The list goes on and on, and it doesn't stop where you think it would. The Celtics even have great pickers playing in the backcourt thanks to the presence of new additions Jason Terry and Courtney Lee. Terry, in particular, has stood out to Rivers during the last month of practice.

"JET, surprisingly, if (he's) not the best picker on the team, he's right there with Kevin," Rivers said of Terry. "He's a small, but he loves setting picks. That's what he did in Dallas with Nowitzki, so we're going to do it here for him."

As Wilcox and Terry point out later in the article, setting a good pick is all about sacrificing your body for your teammate so he can do his thing. The roster is chockful of talented offensive players, but that will matter very little if they can't get freed up for open shots. A good pick also lessens the pressure for individuals to work one-on-one with their defender. The Celtics have put an emphasis on this particular skill in the preseason and with the best X's and O's coach in the league, it'll lend itself to a more fluid and versatile offense.

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