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Cuban has not made a decision on Delonte West yet

A lot of speculation has been made about Delonte West's status in Dallas, but no decision has been made yet.

Cuban says no final decision, Delonte West could return to Mavs | ProBasketballTalk

But owner Marc Cuban told the Dallas Morning News no decision on West’s future with the team. "No decisions have been made one way or another; otherwise we would have made it," Cuban said, adding, "It’s just a process that’s pretty much down to me making a decision."

That doesn't, however, mean that he's safe in Dallas yet.

"Do you not remember last year?" Obviously referring to Lamar Odom, Cuban added, "Let's just say we won't give as many chances as we gave people last year."

Cuban said he was "too forgiving when everybody else was telling me not to be. So I'll take that one. I won't be as forgiving this year. I learned my lessons."

Personally I don't see a place on the Celtics for Delonte. I like him and I wish him well, but I'd pass if he was a free agent at this point.