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Inside the mind of Jason Terry

He's still new to us here in Boston, so here are a few peaks into the mindset of our new super-sub.

The Jet is ready for takeoff
The Jet is ready for takeoff

Jason Terry is a very good basketball player and he's going to help the Celtics a lot on the court. But his presence is going to matter off the court as well. He's a respected and well liked veteran with an irrepressible exuberance and infectious positive spirit.

He's still new to us here in Boston, so here are a few peaks into the mindset of our new super-sub.

As you might have heard, Terry got a tattoo of Lucky spinning the Larry O'Brien trophy on his arm. Here's some more about that story.

Inside the NBA preseason with Jason Terry and the Boston Celtics - Grantland

"I came in early," he says, by way of explanation. "I've been here since September 4. I'd come in at night and get tons of shots up. And just coming in here and looking at all the banners — it makes your blood boil. I was just like, 'Man, with this team — I know we gonna win it. I just know." So, while celebrating his 10-year wedding anniversary with his wife in Hawaii, Terry made a pit stop at a tattoo parlor. "I was like, 'Yeah, let me go ahead and get this Celtics guy tattooed on.'"

"I'm not a psychic. I'm not a prophet. But I'm a big faith-fearing guy, and in my faith, sometimes, you have to speak what you believe, and it will come true. So, yeah, I have no hesitation in telling you that our mission is to kill whoever we step on the court against."

Doc, being the magician-motivator that he is, challenged this old dog to learn some new tricks.

Terry meets challenge -

"What Doc told me before I came here was, ‘Do something different. Change your habit.' And my habit coming to this team was I hated practice. I've grown to love it over the last month. It's challenging, it's competitive and it brings out the best in you every day."

I'm personally really excited about seeing this guy play for the Celtics. He's just got a certain charisma that I think is going to play exceedingly well on this team. Ready for takeoff.

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