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Boston Celtics news and notes wrap up from Oct. 3

Here's a few bits and pieces that really don't deserve to be separate blog posts but I wanted to pass along.

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Much of the media took most of the summer off (after free agents got sorted out). But since Media Day, they've been back to work and eager to fill pages with articles and stories. Not unlike this blog here (except we kept plugging all summer long - who needs vacations?). So the net result of all that activity is a whole lot of articles.

The thing is, with just a few practices and no games so far, there's really not a lot of to report. So you get a lot of quotes and stories and nuggets of information that may or may not interest the casual fan but are interesting to the diehards that frequent this blog all summer long.

So with that way-too-long preamble, here's a few bits and pieces that really don't deserve to be separate blog posts but I wanted to pass along. Enjoy.

Green is Backing up His Summer Comments | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

"Today, he seamlessly went from 3 to 4," said Rivers. "It was easy for him. It wasn’t a forced issue. He looks great." Those are impressive words for a guy who has had only five official practices since his aortic aneurysm was repaired back in January. Green has had only nine months to recover from that dangerous procedure and is getting closer to full strength each and every day. The point is, Rivers thinks No. 8 looks great, but according to Green himself, he’s not even at full strength yet. "I’m almost 90 percent now," Green said on Wednesday. "I still have some work to do, but it’s coming along."

Pierce: Playing elsewhere did cross my mind

"I was telling somebody the other day I'm pretty much institutionalized [in Boston]," Pierce said. "If I went somewhere else I couldn't see it. Hopefully I can be here a lot longer than even my playing days. Just to help along with coaching and management, I've really given some thought to that, giving back to what the game has given to me. And I hope I can continue to do that in Boston." - Blogs: Celtics Insider" Blog Archive " Call him KG the courteous

Kevin Garnett, humored by the group, even offered to hold one reporter’s tape recorder, saying, "I’ve got you, dog." Garnett then held the recorder and spoke into it for the rest of the group interview. Garnett gave the group a bit of a start when, asked if at the age of 36 this was his last contract, he said, "Well, with modern medicine and my pay scale – nah, just joking. I have no idea."

The bond: KG and Rondo - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"I laugh when people says he's old or he doesn't do this or can't do that, because if you know the game of basketball, it's one thing, but when you play with Kevin, he does so many little things that don't show up in the stat book, or when you play with another big guy that isn't Kevin Garnett, you know what you're missing out there on the floor.

Rasheed Wallace ends retirement to join Knicks - Yahoo! Sports

The Knicks coach wanted depth in his frontcourt and remembered the success he and Wallace had in Detroit on Larry Brown's 2004 NBA championship team. So they were back together Wednesday - an older, mellowed Wallace ending a two-year retirement to sign with the Knicks. ''We have a good history coming from Detroit,'' Wallace said. ''We won one together, so he asked me if I still want to play. I said, 'I'll come up there and see what I can do for you.'''

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