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Celtics will now have to guard Ray Allen

After years of benefiting from his shooting and floor spacing, the Celtics are faced with having to defend him.

Celtics face dilemma of guarding Ray Allen - Celtics -

"I think Ray Allen is going to get shots, just like he got them with us, because he’s playing with great players," Rivers said before practice Monday. "He’ll just stand somewhere, all by himself, and either you help or you don’t. If you don’t, LeBron [James] gets a dunk or [Dwyane] Wade gets a layup. If you do, Ray gets a jump shot. No different than when he was with us — [Rajon] Rondo drove, Paul [Pierce] got to the paint, they had to double-team Kevin [Garnett]. Ray benefited from that and he’ll do the same thing here, maybe even moreso here."

Hopefully our new defender/shooter Courtney Lee is up for the challenge.