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First half recap - Celtics vs Heat in game 1

The Celtics were obviously very pumped up for this game. It got off to an auspicious start with a couple of Heat blocks and a Battier three pointer but the Celtics calmed down and swung back with some good transition baskets and situational buckets.

  • Courtney Lee was very effective on both ends of the court - defending Wade and hitting jumpers all over the court.
  • As reported, Ray Allen hit his first three pointer - a corner 3. So much for hoping he was still hurt or out of rhythm.
  • Love the lack of love that KG gave Ray. You are either with KG ...or he's against you.
  • Rajon Rondo got off to a fast start with several assists and a few buckets but quieted down in the 2nd quarter. 8 assists so far but only 8 points.
  • Fairly quiet night for the Celtics bigs thus far - including KG, Bass, Green, and Sullinger.
  • Pierce has been strong so far though, with 16 first half points.
  • Scoring really isn't the problem here - defense is (transition D in particular) - need to get some stops to win this game.

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