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3rd quarter report: Celtics 72, Fenerbahce 79

Celtics close the gap on Fenerbahce and go into the 4th quarter down 7.

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire
  • Speed killed the first half. With all the added speed on the roster, it was like the team wasn't used to driving a sports car after rolling in an SUV for the last five years. That's led to a lot of turnovers and rushed shots.
  • Jason Terry starts in place of Courtney Lee (who had five fouls in the first half). He promptly made two threes.
  • Brandon Bass' jumper is still working. With Fenerbahce falling into a zone and clogging the lane, he pulled up over a couple of double teams and hit the mid-range. That shot will help space the floor for Rondo and Pierce.
  • With Ray Allen no longer on the team, it seems like Doc took out a lot of half court sets that featured off ball screens to free up shooters. It's been a lot of pick and pops and post ups.
  • Rondo continues to hit his jumpers and his free throws. This is the next evolution of his game and it's promising to see that he's shooting with confidence and making them.

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