Does Ray Allen have a POINT about Rondo and the Celtics offense?

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This is not to justify Ray Allen's decision or what he might think as to the offensive capabilities of the Miami Heat system, but I think there is some credibility to his view to the flow of the offense and Rajon Rondo's control of it. I think Doc was correct about his decision hand the reins to Rondo; but I also think Doc understands his developmental areas and the need to acquire a multidimensional talent like Jason Terry.

Let me say at the outset, that when Rondo is "pushing he action", he is flat out the best point guard in the NBA; but when the Celtics are in half court sets, and he, and in some cases, Paul Pierce, are simply dribbling the ball, the offense is predictable and ends with long scoring droughts.

It was stark to me that twice I saw Rondo wave off Terry and Courtney Lee and simply point to a position he wanted them to go on the court before he went into a dribbling dance or lofted up a three; similar to what I saw in some situations with Ray Allen last year.

We know Courtney Lee was out of sync, and it was clear to me that Terry was out of sync when Rondo was holding the ball at the top of the key, as to what he should do. Terry is use to controlling the ball in the pick and roll with Dirk Nowitski and yesterday seeing him do that with KG was a thing of beauty. Now Ray thought he could do this and Doc thought, ok, but not as good as Terry (and he is right). When Doc played Rondo off the ball and Terry in the pick and roll the offense moved, particularly at the at the start of the third quarter.

JET in the half court is simply better to control the ball as the Celtics can run more pick and roll; Paul Pierce is better that Rondo at this (as we saw when Rondo was hurt). Doc knows this he thought JET would solve this instead of getting a classic back-up point guard.

All last year, when the Celtics offense was in scoring droughts or they looked lackluster, everyone kept asking what is wrong with Rondo; the answer simply could be it is not feasible to keep up with the uptempo style for 48 minutes and 82 games; the answer is, he just not as good as some in the pick and roll; which now has to be a larger part of our offense.

While Rondo shooting is getting better and we hope his free throw shooting gets better, Brandon Bass as pick and roll outlet was a necessary cover for some his shooting limitations. What we gain from more jump shooting, in Brandon, we lose in hitting the offensive boards. Teams cannot cheat off JET in the pick and roll; and if you put Rondo in the post more you create other angles with the opportunity of him being an even better rebounder.

The truth is this is how the Celtics ran the offense in 07' with Paul Pierce as the point forward and occasionally Ray Allen (remember the Sasha Vuceic broken ankles play), but those two can't do that anymore full time; JET can do it. Doc knows this and that is why a lot of his post game interviews was that we either played Random or Rondo called a great game. That was Ray's beef, in terms of offensive strategy and I think there is some legitimacy to it. It seemed a lot of the time the entire team was hostage to the disposition of Rajon Rondo.

Yes, this would have meant of lesser role for Ray Allen, but it also means a lesser role for Rajon Rondo; it is clear that Doc knows that to end droughts he has to run more pick and roll at the elbow and high pick and roll (where JET calls his number behind the three line as he did yesterday) and his best guy to do that is JET.

I also think Rondo knows this as he is now talking about getting to the line more;and we saw him call his own number behind the three-line. Rondo stats could actually go up as he can now add "spot up threes" (ala Jason Kidd), more offensive rebounds, as he is in the post; more assist off those rebounds or feeds to corner threes, or with cuts down the middle. Rondo's total minutes do not have to be cut, but his minutes controlling the ball in the half court have to be cut for the Celtics to become dominant offensively again. Simply put, Rondo will have to play off the ball more if we do not want scoring droughts.

If you really look at it, Doc is building the Dallas Mavericks EAST, as he still knows that formula is what it takes to beat the Heat. I think as this plan emerges, you will see Jared Sullinger in the starting line-up with KG roaming around like Dirk in the pick-n roll with Terry. Then Bass will come in to relieve KG; Wilcox to relieve Sully; and Rondo orchestrating in the post more when JET is on the floor. Let's not be surprised to see Ray bring that thought to Miami with Lebron in the post and he (Ray) in the pick' roll with Bosh.

So Rondo is going to have to adapt to the presence of JET and I think Doc has the plan; we only wish the Ray Allen could have set aside his ego and been patient with the PLAN.

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