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Rajon Rondo Is Into Fashion Right Now

First it was a GQ internship, now a trip to Milan.

Style points for Rondo -

"I don’t know. I’m very into fashion right now," Rondo said. "It just depends on the time. I know these guys had fashion week two weeks ago. I missed that one, but you never know. In the future I might come over here and enjoy fashion week as well." Rondo has now increased the stakes of his ongoing style rivalry with Josh Smith, the Hawks forward and good friend who was Rondo’s high school teammate at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. As Rondo marveled in an interview during the Celtics’ first-round series against Atlanta last spring, he and Smith would often make the same shoe purchases without telling each other. The same applied to cars, though that’s a hobby for another day.

Rondo is too sexy for this catwalk.