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Good early showing for Darko Milicic

So far, the Darko experiment is really going well.

Darko's immediate impact - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Playing in the second and fourth quarters, Milicic seemed to embrace his hefty 7-foot frame on Sunday, utilizing his considerable size in every area he was able to find success. He used it to block shots, to reach rebounds ahead of the opposition, and he used it on the high post -- the spot on the floor the Celtics have stuck him at most through two preseason games. C's head coach Doc Rivers understands that he has a capable passer in Milicic, which is why he's so willing to line him up at either one of the elbows, where he receives an entry pass and allows the action to develop around him. A quick kickout pass can lead to an open look for a teammate, or allow Milic to re-position himself to set a bulky screen to free up one of Boston's perimeter players.

Can't wait to see what Tommy Heinsohn has to say about this guy.