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Jason Terry and Brandon Bass to start against Bucks

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In an effort to jump start the team, Doc Rivers has decided to throw perennial 6th man Jason Terry and arguably the most reliable Celtic outside of the Big Three in Brandon Bass into the starting five.

Jared Wickerham

The experimenting continues as Doc injects Jet and Bass into the starting five. This definitely adds scoring punch to the Big Three and will alleviate some of the pressure of carrying the team as it labors through their current slump.

An indirect side effect to this move might be a Jeff Green awakening. By moving two scorers from the bench to the opening lineup, this puts much more pressure on the much maligned Green. This might be the kick in the ass that #8 needs to start playing like he did in the preseason. Bold prediction: Green finishes 12-4-4 as the focal point off the pine.