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Report: Phil Jackson "on the verge" of returning to the Lakers - Update: or not

Team struggling in the playoffs? Jackson retires. Team loaded up with All Stars? Jackson is back in.

Yeah, I think I can front-run a little more.
Yeah, I think I can front-run a little more.
Kevork Djansezian

Update: The Lakers switched gears and went with Mike D'Antoni instead.

In a move that will surprise exactly no one, Phil Jackson is set to become the coach of a stacked team.

Phil Jackson 'on verge' of rejoining Lakers, according to report -

Phil Jackson appears to be "on the verge" of rejoining the Los Angeles Lakers as head coach after the recent firing of Mike Brown, according to the New York Times. Just 18 months ago, Jackson retired following the Lakers' second-round exit from the playoffs at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks. On Saturday, Jackson met with Lakers officials to discuss what would be necessary in order to bring him back to L.A. for a third stint with the team.

I can't wait to hear what suggested reading books he gives to Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Suggestions are welcome in the comments.

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