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Celtics tighten up interior defense

The biggest worry from the first few games of the year (for me at least) has been the lack of defensive dominance that we have all grown accustomed to with this team. Perhaps last night was the first step in getting back to those basics.

For C's, more good than bad and ugly - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

The Bucks posted 10 first-quarter field goals (on 14 attempts) within 5 feet of the hoop and Samuel Dalembert basically held a dunk party in front of (and on top of) Boston's defense. The Celtics cleaned up their interior woes on the fly, limiting Milwaukee to 14-of-29 shooting from inside 5 feet the rest of the way. Keep in mind that the Celtics held opponents to 55.8 percent shooting inside of 5 feet last season (third best in league), but this season that number had skyrocketed to 63.7 percent (third worst in the league entering Saturday's game).

It is amazing how many faults are covered up with good defense. Sometimes that takes time to refine. We've got all season.

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