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About Courtney Lee - shooter's struggles a concern

Lee has struggled early on, but if historical trends hold up, he'll be hitting shots in no time (and his defense is already up to speed).

about Lee
about Lee
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A lot of Celtics have struggled early on this year. Ok, the whole bench has struggled. But Jason Terry appears back to being The Jet (either off the bench or in the starting lineup). Jeff Green finished off the Bucks game in a very positive way. Here's hoping that can continue.

But about Courtney Lee. What's the deal with him?

Boston Celtics Mailbag -- Growing pains or growing worried - ESPN Boston

Since making 5 of 6 shots in the season-opener, Lee is 8 of 25 shooting overall and 1 of 11 beyond the 3-point arc. A career 43.9 percent shooter, Lee has proven to be streaky at times, but he's averaged 40-plus percent from 3-point land the past two seasons, so his inability to knock down triples -- particularly with how open he's been -- is somewhat concerning. Rivers has implored him to be a "ready" shooter, meaning he has to knock down those open looks when opponents collapse on Boston's stars.

The good news: Lee's defense has been solid (like the rest of the team, he simply needs to do a better job of getting back in transition). The Celtics can afford to let him work through the shooting woes if he can maintain his defensive presence (0.608 points per play; 89th percentile, according to Synergy).

We've been through this with Ray Allen for years. Shooters are streaky and eventually they get on a hot streak and the averages even out. Yes, I know Lee isn't a Hall of Famer, but as Chris points out above, he's been consistently good from 3 point range. The shots just have to start falling.

I'm sure part of it is trying to fit in and feel comfortable with the offense (shooting is ALL about confidence) and some of it is just luck. Personally I can't wait for the law of averages to catch up with him, because that will mean he starts reigning 3's on some unsuspecting team.

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