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Celtics final score: Celtics hang on to beat Bulls 101 - 95

The Bulls got Rondo'd.

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Jonathan Daniel

Rondo dropped 20 points, 10 assists, and 5 steals on the Bulls and helped the Celtics put up over 100 points on a usually stout Chicago defense.

The Celtics actually had a 15 point lead in the 4th quarter and let the Bulls claw their way back in the game. But made some solid plays to put the game away in the final minute.

  • How's this for balanced scoring? All 5 starters had at least 10 points (and none more than 20). Green and Wilcox both added 7 and Barbosa chipped in with 6.
  • Masterful play call down the stretch with the double screen and roll freeing up Kevin Garnett for the alley oop. Noah was ticked off that they missed that, and that always brings a smile to my face.
  • Plus minus numbers for the bench still striking. Starters carried this game.
  • Lee actually hit a couple of early jumpers and then never shot it again.
  • Bulls just don't have anyone to consistently get scoring from with Rose out. Deng doing his best and Boozer was feeling it early on, but they need their MVP back.
  • As usual, we'll take the ugly-at-times wins.

Final - 11.12.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 33 25 24 19 101
Chicago Bulls 27 19 24 25 95

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