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Wilcox freed: Chris Wlicox gets minutes and delivers effort

The Free Wilcox campaign was a great success.

Free Wilcox
Free Wilcox
Jonathan Daniel

Last week I called for Doc to "Free Wilcox!" and sure enough that's what happened. So of course I'm going to take full credit.

Road is where the heart is - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

The player with the most minutes off the bench on Monday? Wilcox, who continues to deliver a shot in the arm for a Boston team that has needed more bench contributions. As usual, Wilcox's line wasn't overwhelming: He finished with seven points (on 2-of-2 shooting) with two rebounds. One of those buckets was an emphatic one-handed slam that put Chicago's Taj Gibson on a poster. Wilcox is providing size and steady defense regardless of whom he's paired with and, serving as the first big man off the bench, his play has allowed Rivers to move away from an undersized combo of Brandon Bass and Jared Sullinger that had been abused through the early part of the schedule.

A healthy Wilcox in the lineup is just what this team needed for a shot in the arm of effort and size. Thankfully Doc came to his senses and listened to me. What's that you say? He's an NBA champion and former coach of the year and considered one of the best coaches in the game and probably doesn't need some silly blogger to tell him how to do his job? Nonsense! I deserve the credit.

Or whatever. It is just nice to see Chris doing well and helping the team win. I suppose that's what's really important.

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