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Business trip: Just what the Doctor ordered

Sometimes you just need to get away for a little bit. Maybe that's just what the Celtics needed.

business trip
business trip

Southwest airlines has an ad campaign that states asks "wanna get away?" According to Paul Pierce, that's just what the Celtics needed.

No thorn in Celts’ side -

Last Friday night, Paul Pierce [stats] said the journey might be “just what the doctor ordered.” Doc agreed. “Well, Paul’s right,” said Doc Rivers. “He’s a wise man. I definitely think any adversity on the road any time is good. I don’t know if you count early-season struggles as adversity or not, but it’s a competitive group. They want to find their way, and they’re starting to do that.”

Doc is the master motivator and ego massager, so whatever buttons he's pushing here works for me. If we picked up a couple of wins at home, the players would likely credit home cooking. But if they think getting on the road is what got them going, Doc's going to play into that.

The encouraging thing is how the team is doing it on both ends of the floor. Recently we've seen the defense take an up-tick at least in spurts when the team really needed it down the stretch. Also, the offense is starting to click.

Kevin Garnett’s dunks, Rajon Rondo’s passes lead Celtics to big win over Bulls - Celtics -

“It’s a couple of days in a row now, starting the second half of the Milwaukee game [Saturday], our team is starting to find their way,” Rivers said. “We thought coming in with this group that we could score. That it just takes time. I thought by far this was our best rhythm offensively.”

Hopefully they can keep things going. And if not, they can all take a quick road trip down to my hometown of Plymouth for some good old fashioned bonding and catch up on their Thanksgiving history in the process. I highly recommend the Plimouth Plantation for those that haven't been before.

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