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Barbosa filling in as Rondo's main backup

The last man added to the roster appears to be having an immediate impact in the rotation.

Barbosa's role not-so Blurry - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

With Rondo currently leading the NBA in minutes per game (40.8), Rivers is looking for ways to reduce his floor time without sacrificing the Celtics' production. As he alluded to after last Friday's loss to the 76ers, Rondo coming off the floor has basically doomed Boston's offense the way Kevin Garnett's absence has crippled its defense. But Barbosa on Monday kept things clicking better than he has for the majority of the season, and it resulted in Rondo playing just over 37 minutes (a number that'll help Rivers sleep a little better at night). In addition to scoring his own points, he found Garnett for a jumper at the 7:09 mark, a point in the frame when points were crucial as the Bulls were in the midst of scoring on four of five straight possessions.

Things will be reshuffled again when Avery Bradley returns, but it is nice that Barbosa has shown that he can fill in at times to give Rondo a little bit of rest.

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