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Doc preaching patience for Jeff Green

Kevin Garnett wants him to be more of a(n) [expletive] on the court and pretty much everyone wants Jeff Green to be more aggressive. Green politely acknowledges those critiques (which almost sounds like it goes against KG's advice, but he's talking ON the court remember) and vows to be better about it.

For Doc's part, he's preaching patience with Jeff.

Jeff Green puts stock in KG’s commentary -

Doc Rivers believes it will happen, adding that people need to cut Green some slack after his surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm. "I think the more comfortable he gets, he’ll be that," the coach said. "I think we’ve just got to keep remembering that he took a year off, so it’s just going to take him time. I think he’s getting it. He’s got to learn where to fit and be aggressive. But I still think even if he was all that he’d still struggle. He’d be up and down right now. I don’t think you sit out a year and just come back and play great."

Hopefully. It is concerning for me that he's heard these criticisms his whole career and has yet to fully embrace that aggressive mentality. I suppose you can learn how to do it more, but it sure is easier when it is already part of a player's nature and instinct. We'll see.

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