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Jason Terry and Brandon Bass in the closing lineup

It isn't who starts but who finishes. Ben Rohrbach looked at the lineups for the closing minutes of each of the games so far and sees a trend. Lately it has been Jason Terry and Brandon Bass in the lineup to close out games.

Green Street " Irish Coffee: Celtics no longer closing by committee?

Who closes games might mean more than who starts them, but as Rivers continues to favor Terry and Bass alongside the Big Three over Lee and Sullinger in both situations, he might put an end to the discussion altogether. Then again, the Celtics face a big, athletic shooting guard in Gordon Hayward when they host the Jazz on Wednesday night, so Rivers might start Lee at the 2 — or even Green as he did during the preseason — and then ride the hot hand down the stretch. Of course, he’s been pretty good at that so far this year, too.

I still think Rivers will tinker until Bradley gets back. By the he might have enough understanding of his team to make a call on the lineups. He could (and probably should) have a regular staring lineup and set rotation by Christmas or so.

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