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Five Celtics on All Star ballot

Vote early, vote often. Why? Because you can.

another All Star game?  ok I guess
another All Star game? ok I guess
Jim Rogash

Personally, it is way too early for me to start thinking about the All Star game. But because this is a popular subject to debate and discuss, here's the skinny on the All Star ballot.

Five C's on All-Star ballot - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Rajon Rondo and Jason Terry sit in the Eastern Conference backcourt, while Paul Pierce, Jeff Green, and Kevin Garnett land with the conference frontcourt (a change this year will allow fans to vote two guards and three frontcourt players to the starter lineups; the center position has been eliminated).

Not having a center position actually hurts Kevin Garnett's chances of a return trip as he's one of the best "centers" in the East, whether he likes it or not. Rondo is pretty much a given to make the team and Pierce will always have a shot as well.

Terry I don't think will make it and Jeff Green... well, let us be kind and say that he'll have to have a slight uptick in his production. It is surprising that Green made it on the ballot while Brandon Bass did not. Perhaps the talk of him losing his spot to Sullinger hurt him early this year.

Sadly, no place on the ballot for Darko. That's a shame.

VOTE HERE - because if you don't, some Heat fan will win the internet. We can't have that.

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