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Barbosa doesn't know many plays, but just plays

Leandro Barbosa has been here for what, 15 minutes? So you'll excuse him if he isn't well versed in the Celtics playbook yet. But Doc needed a guy to come in and just play because he needed him and Leandro has answered the call.

Leandro Barbosa eases fear of no Rajon Rondo -"

We didn't run much, because he doesn't know much. Everything was basically pick and rolls. We told him to just keep attacking to the basket, and we'll figure it out from there."

Barbosa had it figured pretty well. He wanted to keep up the pace and avoid as much of the intricate halfcourt stuff as possible.

"For me it's much easier and I feel a lot more comfortable playing that way," he said. "But I'm getting comfortable, too, with the plays. The coaches have been working out with me on the side. I'm almost there.

I say don't teach him a single play. Just let him ball.

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