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Rondo out with ankle sprain, Barbosa to start

Sean Grande is reporting that Rajon Rondo will sit out tonight's game at the Barclay Center against the Nets with his sprained ankle.


There aren't any details on the severity of Rondo's ankle sprain but word is that it's pretty mild. Considering that he traveled with the team and the next game's at home against Toronto, his absence tonight seems much more precautionary than anything else. I'm guessing he tested it, lobbied Doc to play, and then the team had to tie him down when Doc said no.

Leandro Barbosa--I mean the other RR (Road Runner)--draws the start against Deron Williams. As Doc pointed out after last night's game, with LB knowing only a fraction of the playbook, look for more pick-and-rolls and fewer sets on the offensive end.

Gerald Wallace is also a no-go, but that seems like trading a queen for a rook.

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