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Bass and Terry have a new flexing celebration

I gotta say, as much as I loved Dooling and company flexin' on the bench last year - when Brandon Bass breaks out the big guns, it makes those celebrations look kinda silly. Terry's no slouch either - plus he's flashing that new tattoo of his.

Bass and the 'muscle' celebration - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

So it might not catch on like the "Flexing" that Keyon Dooling and Marquis Daniels created last season, but Brandon Bass and Jason Terry have their own little flexing celebration of sorts this year. You might have noticed Bass and Terry striking a muscle-like pose and bumping each other following one of Bass's hard-earned buckets around the hoop. It turns out it dates back to the two seasons that Bass and Terry spent together in Dallas from 2007-2009.

I completely forgot that Terry and Bass were once teammates before. That's pretty cool.

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