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Doc's latest thoughts on Darko Milicic and Jason Collins

Find Darko? Still at the end of the bench.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

For those that are wondering where Darko is and what Doc plans to do with his big man rotation, he offered some brief insight yesterday.

Jason Collins focused on staying sharp -

Rivers’ policy with Collins and Milicic is evolving. With the exception of Collins’ appearance Thursday, both players have virtually been nonexistent on game night. "Jason kind of stabilized us. We were going to go with Darko in the second half if we continued to struggle rebounding the ball," Rivers said. "Sometimes we’ll go big. There will be times where I just want Kevin (Garnett) at the 4. If we like the matchup at the 4, then we’ll move Jason or Darko over to the 5."

It is interesting that he gave the minutes to the offensively challenged Collins ahead of Darko. Does that mean he's ahead of him in the depth chart or more likely that Doc saw a matchup that he liked better? Will either Darko or Collins see any time against the Raps? Only Doc really knows.

Collins only got 1 rebound but his presence did appear to help staunch the flow of offensive boards for the Nets.

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