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Hawks have no interest in trading Josh Smith (we'll see)

Atlanta denies interest in Smith for Pau deal.

Pau for Josh?
Pau for Josh?
Stephen Dunn

Apparently Magic Johnson suggested a Pau Gasol for Josh Smith and spare parts trade and now Bill Simmons is obsessed with it. Yet the Hawks (at least publicly) are against that or any move sending away Josh Smith.

Weekend Dime -- Steve Nash and Mike D'Antoni get a second chance - ESPN

Sources say that the Hawks, at present, have no interest in parting with Josh Smith and Kyle Korver for Gasol. Or even Smith and lesser parts for Gasol. Positions can obviously change between now and the Feb. 21 trade deadline, but sources maintain that Atlanta has not been enticed in the least by the prospect of parting with the 26-year-old Smith -- even as he heads into unrestricted free agency -- for the 32-year-old Gasol. The Hawks, for the record, have also been telling interested teams that they value Smith and what he offers as a hybrid forward in an Eastern Conference that's generally been getting smaller.

We'll see. Teams often offer up strong support for guys that they know full well they'll have to trade in a couple of months. Ready for rumors season?

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