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Boston Celtics Daily Links 11/17

Herald Fans take to Chris Wilcox
Jason Collins focused on staying sharp
Uplifting words
Royce White says health more important than NBA
Grizzlies hand Knicks first loss, 105-95
Globe Rondo misses Celtics’ game at Brooklyn
Courtney Lee gets a handle on role with Celtics
Celtics Green Not a Flagrant?
Comments from the Other Side - Nets 11/16
Celtics Rookie Impressing with the Red Claws
Jason Terry is a Celtic - Behind the Scenes

5 things Celtics must do to win
Flop of the Night
Preview and Official Report - Raptors(2-6) at Celtics (5-4) 11/17

CelticsBlog Doc's latest thoughts on Darko Milicic and Jason Collins
Hawks have no interest in trading Josh Smith (we'll see)
The Long and Short of Courtney Lee
Celtic Thunder Just Perk Being Perk - And I Love It!
Comments from the Other Side - OKC/Hornets 11/16
KMart Gets a Warning for Flopping
CLNS Radio Keith Bogans Did not Deserve a Flagrant Foul for his Hit on Leandro Barbosa
Boston Celtics vs. Season Ticket Holders: Everybody Wins
Celtics Post Game Show vs Raptors, immediately following the game
CLNS Radio Game Preview: Toronto Raptors at Boston Celtics
Red's Army Photo Gallery: Celtics-Nets
Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is sticking to his plan to manage minutes
How we see it goin’ down: Celtics – Raptors

ESPN Shots start falling for Lee
Oop is right up their alley
Bass and the 'muscle' celebration
Why don't you take a seat over there
W2W4: Celtics vs. Raptors (Game 10 of 82)
Lex Nihil Novi Dave Twardzik: A Closer Look (Bill Walton & the 76-77 Blazers)
Greatest Home Team Ever Wins Another Close One at Da Gahden (85-86)
Grampa Celtic Talks Nellie
Bill Walton and the 1976-77 Portland Trailblazers: Game 4
Jabbar v. Chamberlain: Game 12 (November 21, 1971)
CSNNE Mental lapse proves costly for Pierce at free throw line
Collins makes Celtics debut in hopes to help rebounding
Celtics' Bass gets his yoga on
Celtics-Raptors preview: Getting Pierce to the line

NESN Rajon Rondo’s Injury Not to Blame for Celtics’ Breakdowns in Loss to Brooklyn Nets
Celtics Live Blog: Paul Pierce, C’s Shoot for Stronger Finish Against Raptors
CelticsHub Celtics-Nets Grades
Game 10: Raptors (2-6) @ Celtics (5-4) Open Thread
Celtics Town Kevin Garnett can predict your plays before they happen
Green Street Al Jefferson: ‘I would’ve traded me for Kevin Garnett, too’ and other memories of Rajon Rondo and the 2006-07 Celtics
Opinion: Celtics have to find out what they have with Jeff Green
Celtics Title Town Celtics Morning Joe: Okay the Celtics played well without Rondo, but?
Celtics by the Numbers: offensive rebounding disaster
Hangtime Blogs The Lakers Want to Race? Seriously?
Enterprise News Celtics still have rebounding problems

Press Herald Video: Welcoming the Red Claws
Southcoast Today Tim Weisberg: Jeff Green falling short of expectations
Sheridan Hoops Bynum has problems with both knees
SB Nation How do you explain Rajon Rondo?
The Score Kevin Garnett knows almost all of the Nets’ plays
Newsday Avery Johnson: Celtics 'are the standard'
NY Times Nets See 'Celtics Way' as Something to Emulate
Yahoo Avery Johnson is pretty sick of Kevin Garnett knowing all of the NBA’s play calls
Royce White's battle with Rockets over anxiety disorder could cost him NBA career Lakers among teams with worst benches in NBA
Pro Basketball Talk Inconsistent Celtics miss Rondo, also miss win in Brooklyn
NY Post Brooklyn Nets pick up statement win, defeat Boston Celtics, 102-97
Nets Daily Final: Brooklyn Nets edge Boston Celtics 102-97
Ridiculous Upside A Decade Later, Stern's NBA In Europe Agenda Is Growing Old Very Fast
Dimemag The Superstar Lakers Hired A New Coach Who Can’t Handle NBA Stars

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