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Celtics final score: Celtics fall flat on faces to Pistons 83-103

Good job. Good effort. Or not.

Bruce Bennett

Well, how does one sum up this game? How about ppppppppbbbbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhhhhttt?

Terrible Pistons team sitting at 1-9 headed into this game just rolled over this Celtics team that may or may not be tired after a back to back. Of course, the first game they owned against the Raptors and got good rest for most of their starters. But whatever. (Update: yup, Doc sited the schedule and tired legs in his presser.)

Pierce apparently twisted his ankle. Oh joy.

But hey, Rondo stat-padded his way to extending his 10+ assist streak. So there's that. For what it is worth.

Oh good, we get the Spurs next. Well, they might actually get excited about that game and win convincingly. Nothing surprises me anymore. This is disappointing, but not really that surprising.

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