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Could the Celtics be shopping at K-Mart?

With news that Darko Milicic may be leaving the team to take care of his ill mother in Europe, Kenyon Martin's name has again come up as a speculative add for the Celtics.

Doug Pensinger

In his article detailing Milicic's pending departure from Boston, Woj also sites that the team and several of its vets have been clamoring for the addition of Kenyon Martin. Martin is itching to return to the league:

Martin, 34, averaged five points and four rebounds in a reserve role for the Los Angeles Clippers a season ago. His game has dropped off significantly in recent years and he's become flustered over why he's struggled to find an NBA team willing to sign him this season. Martin has averaged 13 points and seven rebounds in his 12 NBA seasons with the Nets, Nuggets and Clippers.

"If someone calls me tomorrow, I don't care who it is, whether it's losing or winning at this point," Martin told Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears earlier this month. "If someone calls me tomorrow and wants me to come in, I'm going. Guys are going down and [teams] are like, 'Well, we are going to stick with what we got.' I'm like, 'Really?' I started questioning myself, 'Am I that bad of a guy?' "

Martin isn't "that bad of a guy," but there are limitations to his game and there would be questions of how he would even crack the current ten man rotation. K-Mart's definitely got the right attitude for the team. He's more KG and less JG, but adding him now would really only serve as a roster move of keep away as he's been rumored to be linked to the Heat and Knicks. Realistically, would he play ahead of defensive quarterback Kevin Garnett, +/- king Chris Wilcox, the steady Brandon Bass, or the development of Jared Sullinger? I'm not even sure the 6'9 forward would play ahead of 7'0 Jason Collins. I'd lean more to keeping that roster spot open and possibly using it down the stretch in case of injury. If we really were hurting for a 6th big man in the pinch, Fab Melo is incubating in Maine and could be ready for a January/February call up if the need came up.

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