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Jared Sullinger was a garbage time all-star Sunday

Nothing like garbage time to help a rookie get his groove on.

Rondo owes rookie for keeping streak alive - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Sullinger erupted for 14 of his team-high 16 points in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 103-83 loss to the Detroit Pistons. Four of those field goals came in the final six minutes and accounted for the final four assists as Rondo scrambled to finish with 10 helpers.

His success goes back to the Raptors game where he recorded his first double-double. And that success might be traced back to some tough love from Doc Rivers in the prior game vs. the Nets.

Sullinger rebounds from bench treatment - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Fearful of giving up another offensive board, Sullinger pushed Kris Humphries from behind, drawing a whistle that gave the Nets the ball back without even having to fight for the rebound. Celtics coach Doc Rivers had seen enough. Sullinger, a rookie whose calling card is cleaning the glass, didn't just get the hook, he spent the rest of the night on the bench. "I just told all the guys: If you get an offensive rebound on you, you're coming out and [Sullinger] was the first," explained Rivers.

He learns quick. Steal of the draft.

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