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Celtics may not use Darko Milicic's roster spot (yet)

Speculation is running rampant about who the Celtics could add to the roster (even though Darko hasn't actually decided to leave the team yet). Will they pursue Kenyon Martin? Will they grab another 7 footer off the street? Or perhaps more likely they'll just hold onto that roster spot for a potential future pickup or trade. - Blogs: Celtics Insider" Blog Archive " Darko still deciding whether to leave Celtics

If Milicic leaves, it will free up a space on what can be a maximum 15-man roster. But don’t expect the Celts to move quickly to fill that spot. Unless the club can find someone that Doc Rivers would definitely use — and there doesn’t appear to be much out there at the moment — it is likely the Celts will hold off and see if a better option becomes available. Having roster space could also give the C’s important flexibility in a trade down the line.

Like it or not, the trade discussions and rumors are going to be rampant this year. Nobody knows exactly what to expect from Danny Ainge any year, least of all a year where the team is walking a fine line between rebuilding on the fly and running it back to win at all costs now.

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