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Fab Melo to get a lot of playing time, ...with the Maine Red Claws

As expected, the plan for Fab Melo is to give him lots of time to develop in the D-League.

Ainge: 'Our team's going to be good' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"We like what we've seen in Fab so far in practice in September when he was here before the season. Fab puts in his work, he's working hard in the weight room. We need to get him stronger, and Fab is a late bloomer in basketball. He took up the game late and he's got a lot to learn about the game itself. He has good athletic instincts, but he does need to learn about execution, both offensively and defensively ... we hope to get Fab to Portland, Maine [with the Red Claws of the D-League] and get a lot of playing time this year and a lot of individual instruction. We see him as a guy that could be a contributing center, even a starting center, in this league at some point in his career."

Exactly the right plan. He's always available for an emergency injury situation, but other than that, his timeline is set to start at least a year from now. Maybe longer.

Speaking of the Red Claws, they'll be having the D-League draft tonight.

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