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Doc on Darko: "likely...done"

Nothing definitive yet, but Doc met with the press after practice this afternoon and reiterated his comments from his radio interview this morning.


Neither the Celtics or Darko have said anything officially, but it sounds like Milicic will head back to Europe to be with his family. Good luck to you and yours, big guy.

For what it's worth, if this is the last time Darko Milicic plays in the NBA, I just want to say that as a Celtics fan, he was a model citizen and a selfless team player. On so many of his stops around the league, he might have been deservedly labeled as a bust because of circumstance and based on his results on the floor but in Boston, he said the right things and did the right things. He accepted his role and I still think he could have and would have contributed down the road. For now, we wish him safe travels home, the best for his family, and if he ever wanted to come back next season, I think it would be great if Danny and Doc extended another invite to him.

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