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FanPost Friday - promoting fan created writing

Giving voice to the fans by promoting FanPosts each Friday.

Jim Rogash

Since the start of the season I've been negligent to recognize the great work that some of you do in the FanPosts by promoting them to the front page. I'd like to make up for that by creating FanPost Friday posts. Each week (time permitting) I'll take the best* FanPosts and put them into a group that I can place in on the front page to give them additional exposure. I might even react to some of them in my post - I haven't decided exactly how this will work yet but the idea is to give you guys more airtime so to speak.

* So how do I determine what is "best?" Good question. There's no one answer, but I'll take into consideration the following (in no particular order):

  • Recommends - Please recommend your favorite FanPosts so I can see them better.
  • Comments - Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Just don't troll for comments.
  • My own best judgement - I can't read them all, so see the above two bullets
Sound like a plan? Now go out there and write and comment and recommend!

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