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Golliver: The Celtics D will be just fine

Over on the Point Forward blog, they are debating some issues and one of them is the topic of Boston's defense. As in, will it get better as the season progresses? Ben Golliver says yes.

The Point Forward -

Call me in May on all Celtics questions. Among the elite tier of contenders, Boston is near the top when it comes to most new rotation pieces. ... The track record of four straight seasons with top-five defensive efficiency ratings overwhelms three weeks worth of below-average results. We know the core guys can lock down, especially Garnett as you mentioned, and we know Boston is always a hot spot for veteran additions when the calendar gets toward playoff push time and/or the trade deadline. If they’re not a top-10 defense by season’s end, at minimum, I’ll be shocked.

That's pretty much where I'm at too. Though at some point you have to wonder when the gas is really going to run out for this team. It will likely happen before I am mentally (or emotionally) prepared for it.

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