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Kendrick Perkins and Jeff Green are cool with each other

Steve Bulpett has an article today on Jeff Green getting ready to face his old team for the first time. Basically he's not really all the emotional about it.

An interesting aside noted that Jeff Green and Kendrick Perkins got a chance to get to know each other last year.

C’s forward OK with former employers -

The two got to chat last year during the lockout at Rondo’s charity game at Harvard. "That was my first time," Green said. "We talked for a little bit. We actually had a great conversation. "He’s a good guy, and I respect him. He’s an awesome big. To me, he’s one of the best bigs in the game, because he plays both ends hard — and that’s what I like. I respect him for that. We had a chance to shoot the (expletive) a little bit. We talked about how people reacted to the trade and some other stuff. That’s about it."

I'll bet they had some good stories to compare.

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