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Doc: Don't just play harder, play smarter

Here's Doc on the latest struggles and how to fix them.

Doc: 'We've got to play smarter' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said more intensity is great, but it has to be harnessed properly and it must be combined with a renewed focused on executing the game plan in order for Boston to correct its lingering issues, particularly on defense. "I think we’ve got to do our coverages better, just bottom line," said Rivers. "Harder and all that -- that sounds great. That’s what everyone says when you lose: 'You’ve got to play harder.’ Well, we’ve got to play smarter, we have to know our coverages better, and, when that happens, everybody is on the same page and it allows our rotations to be freer, it allows our bigs to get back to the paint."

All I hear is "coachspeak coachspeak coachspeak." Though, to be fair, ...he's a coach. And that stuff generally is what the team needs to hear. I can't say anything he's saying is wrong, I'm just in a sour mood because of the recent struggles. You know what would brighten my day more than a Black Friday Doorbuster deal? A win over the Thunder.

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