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Celtics actually not that bad at defensive rebounding

The numbers suggest that the Celtics aren't all that horrible at defensive boards.


Despite your position on the offensive rebounding, the numbers suggest that the Celtics aren't really all that bad at defensive rebounds.

C's on the rebound - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

If you go strictly by raw numbers, the Celtics have been outrebounded by opponents 504-430 through 12 games, a difference of 6.2 rebounds per game. But keep in mind that Boston's shunning of the offensive glass is a big reason for the differential. In fact, if you zoom in on defensive rebound percentage, the Celtics are more than holding their own. Boston ranks 11th in the NBA with a 74.2 defensive rebound percentage (which is two points better than last year's number and on par with the rate of the 2007-08 championship team). In fact, the Celtics are about a half percentage point away from being one of the top 5 defensive rebounding teams in the league.

Yes, I know this is an argument that several people have been making on this blog. That is because we have lots of smart people here. Consider this, then, your 4 letter network (ESPN) affirmation of the day.

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