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Rumor: Celtics preparing an offer for Marcin Gortat

The Polish Hammer would solve a lot of problems.

Polish Hammer
Polish Hammer
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The Celtics are in need of a legit center and the Suns have little use for Marcin Gortat in a rebuilding effort. So it would make sense for the two sides to at least talk and exchange offers. According to one source, that is happening or about to happen.

Marcin Gortat rumors: Phoenix Suns' center in Boston Celtics' near future? - SB Nation Boston

The Boston Celtics will reportedly submit a trade proposal to the Phoenix Suns in effort to acquire center Marcin Gortat, according to Przeglad Sportowy and translated by King James Gospel.

The Phoenix Suns are willing to exchange (Gortat to) the Boston Celtics, who are soon to submit a concrete proposal.

A caveat here: I pulled this rumor off the SBNation Boston site which quotes a site called King James Gospel (which I've never heard of) who merely is translating a foreign website called Przeglad Sportowy (is that polish?).

Still, it only makes sense for the two sides to speak. Now, what offer can the Celtics currently make (you can't trade recently signed free agents till Dec. or Jan at the earliest)?

Here's a good summary of the complications of such a deal - via Red's Army:

Report: Celtics prepping an offer for Marcin Gortat | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans

  • Marcin Gortat makes $7.2 million. The Celtics need to get within 125% of that to make the trade work.
  • All the guys that make that happen can’t be traded until December 15 at the earliest… and some later than that. Courtney Lee and Jason Terry can’t be traded until December 15, and Jeff Green and Brandon Bass can’t be traded until January 15.
  • The Suns may want Jared Sullinger and/or Avery Bradley.

Update: Here's the details on Jeff Green from Larry Coon.

NBA Salary Cap Chat With Larry Coon 10/19/12 | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors

Question about the Celtics and Jeff Green. Can Green be traded this season? I’ve had people say that because he didn’t play last year he can’t be traded until he plays the entire 2012/2013 season – Keith Van Horn Rule. However, I’ve read your FAQs (several times) and see ONLY that he can’t be included in a S&T (which is the Keith Van Horn Rule). But once he signed a new FA deal, he becomes tradable (like an other FA or traded player) in either Dec or Jan (FAQ 96 or 98). Am I correct? Thanks

Larry Coon: The Keith Van Horn rule relates to sign-and-trade transactions only. Green can be traded on Jan 15.

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