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32 minutes for Kevin Garnett is all Doc would allow

The Thunder game was a big one so Doc allowed for Kevin Garnett's minutes to increase, 2.

For Garnett, no rollover minutes - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Rivers told his staff about the 32-minute limit before Friday's game, and even that seemed like pushing it. "I know it’s hard," said Rivers. "Going into the game, I told our coaches that 32 is our number for Kevin tonight. Two minutes extra -- because I thought we were going to need it. [The Thunder went] small early and, it’s funny, the last two teams, it’s like no one wants to go small against us, because they look at Jeff [Green] and Paul [Pierce], and it’s almost like they are avoiding small lineups. So we prepared for small, but [Oklahoma City] didn’t go to it until that one stretch. Then they started making a run with it and, let’s be honest here, right when we had to take Kevin out, but we had no choice. Gotta do it."

Interesting that teams would be avoiding the smallball lineup since most fans have become increasingly impatient with it.

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