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Paul Pierce using screens more often

Paul Pierce is a natural born scorer, that much we've established time and again. It is interesting, however, that his offense is continuing to evolve over time. In particular, he's using screens more often now. (check the link for the actual numbers)

Screen play: Pierce's evolving offense - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Pierce's increase in shots generated off screens has leapt from one of his least-used play-types in 2009-10 (when he was more of a pick-and-roll guy) to his most common method of attack this season. Pierce is clearly still getting used to that increased activity and is doing much of his damage in transition (when he's got familiar room to operate, including the ability to step back for 3-point shots). And as his spot-up numbers suggest (and the eyes have confirmed over recent games), Pierce can still free himself for step-back jumpers against even the most athletic defenders (like Kevin Durant).

As Forsberg states, it doesn't matter really how he scores, he's going to flat out score.

Oh Captain my Captain.

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