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Big Baby compares Doc Rivers to Jacque Vaughn

One is one of the most respected coaches in the league and the other is one of the youngest and least experienced. But Big Baby is cool with his new coach (without being disrespectful to his old one).

Big Baby’s all grown up in Orlando -

"Different guys," Davis said of the two coaches. "Doc is more of a military-minded kind of guy, and Jacque is more of a Gandhi kind of guy — soft but powerful. Doc’s more, ‘Get the job done,’ and Jacque Vaughn is more the kind of guy who will ask you, ‘Would you feel comfortable getting the job done?’ I think that’s different with players. But in my system, I think I just feel better functioning in Jacque’s system. Doc wasn’t the kind of guy to pat you on your back and say, ‘Good job, man.’ He’s more like, ‘OK, move on.’ In a way that’s positive, but some players are different. "Jacque’s a different kind of guy. He pats you on your back — good job. That’s his motivation. But at the same time he still holds you accountable if you’re doing things wrong."

I think this is actually a very mature observation by Big Baby. Some coaching styles just suit people differently than others and Glen was never a perfect fit for Doc. Glad to hear he's getting what he needs where he is.

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