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Doc "I thought Jeff [Green] played great"

A lot of comments in the post game recap centered around how poorly Jeff Green played. Doc saw things a little differently.

After registering a season-high 17 points in Friday’s win over Oklahoma City, Jeff Green scored 1 point on 0-for-9 shooting. "I thought Jeff played great, he just didn’t score," Rivers said. "He blocked shots, rebounded, just played a good floor game for us. He missed some makeable shots and you can’t do anything about that."

That's fair. If the coach is ok with his effort, then who am I to argue? It is interesting that he doesn't mention defense but perhaps that is reading too much into a quick quote. Or perhaps Doc is just trying to build Jeff up some. Regardless, I hope he can keep filling up the stat sheets AND hitting some of those makable shots in the future.

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