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Brandon Bass is picking up the boards

One area of the game that Brandon Bass has needed to work on is rebounding. I would imagine this being something that Doc Rivers pointed to as one of his primary roles on this team. The good news is that despite fluctuating minutes (sharing the rotation with Jared Sullinger) he's putting up solid rebounding numbers.

Bass is all over the glass - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Though his basic rebounding figure might be down from 6.2 per game to 5.7 so far this season (it's still early and we're still dealing with a relatively small sample size), other numbers indicate better returns for Bass. He's seen a respectable jump in the percentage of offensive rebounds he's grabbing this season, up to 8.8 this season from 6.3 last season. Additionally, the total percentage of rebounds he's securing this season is up from 11.5 last season to 12.4 this season.

If he could focus on the rebounding and hitting that elbow jumper, that's about all I really need from Bass at this point. Anything else would be gravy.

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