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Jared Sullinger has a blog

Jared Sullinger is the latest athlete to start a blog. He talks about traveling, KG's tutoring, and more.


Many athletes start blogs, in particular ones run by newspapers that are trying to get additional content and "web presence." Paul Pierce did something like this last year for the Globe. Now here's the latest athlete to hit the blogosphere.

Posting Up blog: A whole new world -

Celtics rookie forward Jared Sullinger begins a regular blog for today, relating his experiences from his first NBA season. In today’s blog, Sullinger reflects on his first month in the league.

This seems like a natural fit since Jared appears to be a thoughtful and intelligent young man who's active on twitter and Instagram. Of course as a rookie, he spends much of his first post commenting on the travel schedule, "the grind," and Kevin Garnett's tutoring. He also offers up this quick reaction to critics and scouts.

I heard coming in that I was going to get my shot blocked a lot, but I don't let that affect me at all. Not at all. If you're going to block my shot, eventually it's going to end up in a foul, so that doesn't bother me. I'm always the kind of guy who keeps going down there, keeps fighting hard and getting position, and keeps coming back at you. I put myself in a better position to score.

Sounds good to me. Hopefully he keeps posting up to score AND posting to his blog. A lot of times these athlete blogs just sort of peter out over time. But honestly I'd rather have him working on that post game than his blog posts anyway.

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