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Doc's plan: Get the ball to Kevin Garnett in the post more

Stop me when you've heard this before. Oh you're stopping me already? Ok, please read on anyway.


For the 1,000th time in his career, Kevin Garnett's coach is stressing the need to get him more touches in the post. Of course this seems to be Doc stressing it to the rest of the team to get him the ball than it is directly to Kevin himself.

Doc Rivers’ post-it note: Get ball into Kevin Garnett -

"Especially if we think he has an advantage," the coach said after yesterday’s workout. "I don’t think our eyes are trained yet to look down there. I think you have to train the players’ eyes to look in the post off of pick-and-rolls and off other actions. I think we’re starting to do that. I still think we don’t do it enough. We’re a ways away. "You know, I don’t have a lot of complaints offensively. We’ve been scoring a lot of points. But I do think that is one area. I tell them every year, if you want rebounds, then the more you post you’ll get more, because teams have to trap or help. Then that’ll free bodies up."

That makes a lot of sense. We have one of the best centers in the league and he knows how to rebound but we have to put him (and other low post players) in the position to fight for position.

So many good things come out of establishing a presence in the paint. But just because everyone agrees to this doesn't mean that Garnett will start posting up more. It is simply against his nature.

(now cue someone pulling out stats that say that KG is getting more shots in the paint since he shifted to center - come on, hit me with them)

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