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Celtics final score: Boston rips Portland 96-78

Boston tears up the Rip City Blazers.


Keep in mind, this is the same Portland Blazers team that just lost to the previously winless WIzards. Then again, these types of teams have been the ones that have given us fits this year (including the aforementioned Wizards). So whatever message that was delivered - be it Rondo's shove or Doc's "soft" comments or something else - the team heard it loud and clear and took it out on the Blazers.

  • Jeff Green's best offensive game of the year with 19. Hopefully someone wrote down every single thing he did, ate, and watched on TV because that's what he's going to have to do every day now.
  • Jason Terry just behind him with 17.
  • Kris Joseph got to see the court, which is nice.
  • 7 players with 9 points or more.
  • DE-FENSE! That's the kind of smothering defense we need. Props to Courtney Lee for his efforts in that regard.

Final - 11.30.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Portland Trail Blazers 18 15 26 19 78
Boston Celtics 25 31 19 21 96

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